Packaging is the largest end use market segment with 40.1% share in plastic industry. This is followed by building and construction (20.4%) and automotive (7.0%).

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Clariter’s Expansion plans

The Clariter group of companies adopts a multi-home approach.

The CLARITER GROUP’s legal home is domiciled in Luxembourg, R&D is conducted in Poland whilst its engineering teams are spread from India through Poland and Israel to South Africa. CLARITER has accordingly built the venture around the concept of a global home to facilitate the international roll-out.

More than 15 years of operation in this culturally diverse environment has benefitted the CLARITER GROUP, ensuring extensive networks and global knowledge and overview of what is happening in various jurisdictions around the world. The Clariter Group’s team includes members of 13 nationalities, who master more than 21 languages. 

About 40% of the produced plastic is being disposed within 1 year (primarily packaging material).