About 40% of the produced plastic is being disposed within 1 year (primarily packaging material).


We are actively seeking potential regional partners and strategic alliances, which will work in synergy with our vision, technology and know-how.

In light of the predicted worldwide demand for effective and practical clean technologies, the volatility of world oil markets, the ever increasing demand for crude oil and crude oil derivatives and the need to comply with stringent international environmental standards, our technology offers significant, financially viable opportunities in the coming decade.

In all territories we are forming strategic alliances that demonstrate synergy with our vision, technology and know-how. Potential partners should exhibit strengths in the relevant domestic market, such as financial viability, local knowledge and a solid reputation.

Preferable partners should prove their strong local position and be innovation-focused, ecology-oriented, and active in either the petro-chemical and refinery industry or in the waste management industry.

Partners in the Clariter journey

In all territories Clariter is targeting potential partners from, waste material suppliers to joint venture partners from related industries.

Clariter’s International expansion plans are conducted by the following Clariter Teams:

  • Scout Team which is responsible for identifying potential licensees and/or partners, conducting feasibility studies and analysis of the relevant Jurisdiction and the preparation of legal and business groundwork;
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management Team (EPCM Team) which is responsible for the assistance and supervision of EPC/M aspect of the project from design to handover.

An exciting investment in cutting-edge technology; an opportunity combining competitive advantage, clean technology, a healthy market size, steady market growth, financial viability and job creation - Clariter's investment opportunity is unique, stable and fitting in today’s modern global economy.


Packaging is the largest end use market segment with 40.1% share in plastic industry. This is followed by building and construction (20.4%) and automotive (7.0%).