About 40% of the produced plastic is being disposed within 1 year (primarily packaging material).


We produce a wide range of high-purity and quality hydrocarbon products.

Our product offering is divided into families of solvents, oils and waxes, and is in-line with the highest industry standards.

The target markets for our products includes industries that have high consumption levels of solvents, lubricating oils, paraffin waxes and derivatives.

Some of these industries include:

  • Paint
  • Base Production
  • Plastic & Coatings
  • Food
  • Cosmetics & Toiletry
  • Wood


Our solvent, oil and wax fractions aim to meet the highest industry standards.

Our product families are used in many industrial sectors with stable and high demand, either as final commodity type products, or as base chemicals for final product formulations.

The intention is to distribute our product families under the following brand names:

Solventra ® for the aliphatic solvent family of products

Oilter ® for the oil family of products 

ClariWax ® for the paraffin wax family of products

JellyTer ® for the petroleum jelly (petrolatum) products

All of our solvents, lubricating oils, waxes and derivative products possess the following main benefits:

  • Practically free from Aromatic hydrocarbon
  • Odorless and colorless grade
  • Practically free Sulphur (single “ppm” level)
  • Nitrogen and Chloride free (single “ppm” level)
  • 100% saturation (no double bonds)

Packaging is the largest end use market segment with 40.1% share in plastic industry. This is followed by building and construction (20.4%) and automotive (7.0%).