Clariter, an international clean-tech company, successfully collaborated with Mitsubishi Corporation for its Research and Development (R&D) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project. Mitsubishi is a globally integrated business enterprise that operates across industries, such as Natural Gas, Industrial Materials, Petroleum & Chemicals Solution, Mineral Resources, Industrial Infrastructure, Automotive & Mobility, and many more. This cooperation aims to exploit the full Circular Economy potential by transforming Mitsubishi’s plastic waste into sustainable everyday consumer end-products.

The products pictured above are exclusively Made With Clariter™ for Mitsubishi Corporation. Source: Clariter

The relationship between Clariter and Mitsubishi started with testing Mitsubishi’s plastic waste samples in early 2021. The material was shipped from Mitsubishi’s location to Clariter’s Research and Development facility in Gliwice, Poland. The analyzed plastic consisted of a mixture of packaging and end-of-life vehicles’ waste. After being shredded, washed and dried to become feedstock, the waste was then transformed into Clariter products. Thereafter, these products served one of Clariter’s partners as crude-oil alternative ingredients for solvent, wax, and oil-based applications. Mitsubishi’s plastic waste became 10 environmentally friendly products showcased in two sets of Limited-Edition Boxes.

The items include shoe polish, car body wax, leather grease, wood renovator, silverware cleaner, and other useful everyday products Made With Clariter™. The boxes were sent to key Mitsubishi affiliates based in London and Tokyo at the end of May 2021. Continued collaboration will see the deliverance of a custom-created sustainable product range made exclusively for Mitsubishi’s customers from Mitsubishi’s waste.

Source: Clariter

Yariv Eldar, Clariter’s VP of Business Development:” This joint project with such an esteemed player as Mitsubishi proves the important role that chemical recycling of plastic waste can play in achieving a circular economy. We are giving a clear signal to corporations that they can change the way they treat plastic waste. By seeing it as a valuable resource, Clariter enables a radical new paradigm shift for the industry. Our solution not only stands out for its negative carbon footprint, but additionally for actively contributing to a clean planet, while also being profitable. Mitsubishi, with our Limited-Edition products, leads the way for environmentally conscious enterprises”. For Mitsubishi, cooperation with Clariter means enabling the Circular Economy. The waste produced today can become clean products sold tomorrow.

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