A profitable sustainable solution
to the global plastic waste epidemic

Clariter is a global cleantech company producing green sustainable petrochemicals upcycled from plastic waste. These high-quality alternatives to fossil-based products can be used in over a thousand industrial and consumer applications and help industries create circularity in their value chain.

Clariter’s proprietary technology reduces carbon use and carbon waste – combining profitability and sustainability to create a viable, comprehensive solution to the plastic waste epidemic.

Unique in every way

Most technologies recycle plastics into plastics, energy, or fuel. Clariter does what nobody else does – taking recycling to the next level and creating new products for industry.

Our patented defossilizing technology creates products that are high-quality and high-value. They meet the highest industry standards and perform flawlessly in tests; they meet FDA purity standards and are food-contact-grade.

Our evolution

Clariter is a pioneer in the chemical recycling field. When it began developing its technology in 2003, it was one of the first companies to identify the commercial potential of plastic waste. In 2006, Clariter expanded its research lab into an R&D plant, and in 2018 built its industrial demo plant in South Africa.

Clariter’s upcycling technology is now proven, commercially mature, and ready for global scale-up.

Clariter – The solution for you

Plastic waste is a global challenge that affects many stakeholders.

Manufacturers and brand owners want to innovate and adopt more sustainable practices without sacrificing profitability or overhauling their production lines, and to offer their customers a unique green value proposition. Municipalities, governments, and policy-makers want to achieve environmental and emission goals, adapt their economies to changing realities while creating jobs, and reduce dependency on fossil fuels and their volatile prices.

Clariter offers a solution to all these challenges with a groundbreaking, high-efficiency, defossilizing technology that ends the life of plastic waste by transforming it into pure, ready-to-use alternatives to fossil-based products.

Collaboration is in our DNA​

Over 40 business partnerships and 10 academic collaborations​

Awards and recognitions

The future can be different.
It will be different. With Clariter.

Join us and make it happen today!

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