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Here you can find short videos and articles on topics such as recycling, plastic and its waste, clean-tech, sustainability, Circular Economy, and much more. Our speakers are top professionals in the field who like to challenge the current reality. We encourage you to get in touch with us if you have any ideas, questions or comments at ideas@clariter.com.

What is Green Marketing?

Yiscah Yurman, Clariter's Head of Marketing, introduces the concept of green marketing, its comparison to traditional marketing, and the importance of including it when creating a marketing strategy for your product or company.

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Climate Change and its Implications for Israel

Did you know that humans have managed to change the Earth's atmosphere's chemical composition? Climate change has been a hot topic around the world, and in this webinar, Professor Yoav Yair, Dean of the School of Sustainability, IDC Herzliya, describes the effects of climate change with a focus on Israel.

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What are the Benefits for Companies Implementing a Circular Economy?

Sharon Madel-Artzy, Founder and Manager of Circular Economy IL, and Partner and Head of Environment of Circular Economy at FBC answers this question in the last episode of the "Circular Economy" series.

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Human beings are curious creatures. We are intrinsically inquisitive of that which is unknown about our planet and the space which it fills. The deepest ocean, the highest mountain, the universe…

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How Can a Circular Economy be Implemented in Israel?

In the second episode, Sharon Madel-Artzy, Founder and Manager of Circular Economy IL, Partner and Head of Environment & Circular Economy at FBC law firm, discusses how a Circular Economy can be implemented in Israel and identifies why it is important.

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What is Circular Economy?

Sharon Madel-Artzy, Founder and Manager of Circular Economy IL, Partner and Head of Environment & Circular Economy at FBC law firm, discusses the Circular Economy in this first episode of the series about Circular Economy.

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The Importance of Regulation For Food Industry’s Recycling

In this second episode of the series "Recycling Organic Waste in Israel", Adi Cohen, CEO of Shibolet Dagan Ltd., shares the importance of recycling regulation for the food industry and why it is essential to allow for recycling plants to be built.

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Recycling Organic Waste in Israel

Did you know that food's industry organic waste has one of the highest recycling rates in Israel? 

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Covid-19 and Plastic Waste

Ran Sharon, President & CEO of Clariter, looks at how the Coronavirus has affected the way we see and use plastic. Many fought to ban single-use plastic, but now we realised it might be hard to live without it as masks, gloves, and plastic packaging is protecting us from the virus.

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Increasing Israel’s Construction Waste Recycling Rates

In what ways can we increase construction waste recycling in Israel? What role should the regulator play in this? And what about producer or importer responsibility?

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The Link Between Construction Waste, Recycling, and the Circular Economy

How Much Construction Waste Can Actually Be Recycled?

Percentage of Construction Waste Recycled in Israel

The Components of Construction Waste

Impact Investment

Changing the Recycling Habits of Consumers

Israel’s New Waste Strategy and the Introduction to Chemical Recycling

Plastic Waste in the Sea

How Can We Increase The Recycling Rates in Israel?

The Effect of COVID-19 on Waste in Israel

A Look at Waste in Israel

Are we ready for the next crisis?

The effect of COVID-19 on Single-use Plastics – Why Single-use Plastics Became “Popular” Again

Future Trends in the Israeli Environmental Policy

The Main Challenges to the Israeli Environmental Policy

The influence of plastic

Plastic bags – helpful or harmful?

Clean-Tech vs High-Tech

We see value where others do not

How many pandemics are we dealing with?

Covid-19 realities for the plastics industry

Upcycling the “Horrible Hybrids”

Chemical Recycling

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