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Here you can find short videos and articles on topics such as recycling, plastic and its waste, clean-tech, sustainability, Circular Economy, and much more. Our speakers are top professionals in the field who like to challenge the current reality. We encourage you to get in touch with us if you have any ideas, questions or comments at ideas@clariter.com.

A Look at Waste in Israel

Have you ever wondered how much waste is being recycled in Israel? In this first part of a 3 episode series, Avi Novik, CEO & Founder of Seagull Environment Planning, discusses the four main components.

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Are we ready for the next crisis?

Adi Sela, Clariter's Sustainability & Business Development Manager, touches on the subject of coronavirus and highlights other simultaneous crises that are ongoing, such as climate change and the instability of the financial markets.

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The Main Challenges to the Israeli Environmental Policy

Hen Tirosh, a Partner at Herzog Fox & Neeman, discusses the Israeli Environmental Policy's main challenges. She focuses on the newly implemented "Environmental Damage" lawsuits and how they ensure that harm done to the environment is compensated back to us, the public. After all, we are the ones who suffer due to the resulting loss. Watch the video to find out more about this topic.

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The influence of plastic

Pam Green, from Clariter’s Marketing team, looks at the positive and negative influence that plastic and its waste has had on our lives. While you may be aware of the plastic waste epidemic, are you aware of the reasons why we cannot stop using plastic?

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Plastic bags – helpful or harmful?

Every plastic bag ever produced is still on this planet. It is either landfilled, broken down into micro pieces in the environment, being reused, and a small percentage has been recycled back into plastic.

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Clean-Tech vs High-Tech

You may be familiar with the term high-tech. It is a technology that is at the cutting edge – the most advanced technology available. However, do you know what clean-tech is, and what the two have in common?

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We see value where others do not

Ran Sharon, CEO of Clariter, explains that the very core of the company is to see value in things that others do not. This can be seen from the people that work for Clariter, and in the work that they do.

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How many pandemics are we dealing with?

Single-use masks, gloves, and bottles of sanitiser litter the streets, the seas, as well as parks and other public areas. Whilst these products are essential in fighting the current Coronavirus pandemic, what will the long-term effect be on our ability to reduce plastic pollution?

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Covid-19 realities for the plastics industry

Upcycling the “Horrible Hybrids”

Chemical Recycling

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