We strive to turn a global problem into a sustainable solution.

By joining Clariter, you are joining a family of like-minded people who fight for the same cause as you – a better future for everyone, NOW!

At Clariter, we create a friendly work environment based on collaboration. Our philosophy goes against typical corporate rules. We are environmentalists, yet we believe that only long-term, economically sustainable solutions provide true answers.

Clariter is not just a company, we are a movement of people, who, together, proactively create a cleaner and better world for us and future generations. We value the environment in which we live; in-field expertise; and people as humans, as they are the essence of Clariter. We love what we do, and we do it for a reason. We do not just have jobs, we have a calling and purpose, and our people are fundamental to our success.


To turn a global problem into a sustainable solution by building as many plants around the world as we can, and by providing viable tools for countries to tackle the issues of plastic pollution, dependency on crude oil, and the need for job creation.


To create valuable, pure petrochemical products
from problematic plastic waste, and to clean the Earth
of plastic waste while being profitable.


Safe & Healthy


We are resilient in our fight against the global plastic waste epidemic and we do so with strength and passion. Sound like you? Welcome home!
Clariter proactively seeks and promotes diversity. We create a supportive work environment where many nationalities cooperate in co-existence and peace bounded for a common purpose.

Number of Employees 80+
Number of Employees 80+


We love young talent! We open our doors to students or recent graduates, and many of our employees joined Clariter at the beginning of their professional journey as interns. Through their hard work, dedication
and persistence, they have grown with us and are now successfully managing their teams and contributing
to Clariter’s global success.

Clariter actively cooperates with several universities around the globe. We are always open to offering internships and jobs for youth through internships & national programmes to provide a space for students and graduates and proactively train the visionaries who will change the world.

Furthermore, we proudly collaborate with:

Bar-Ilan University
IDC Herzliya
Nelson Mandela University
Silesian University of Technology
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
Tel Aviv University

See what our interns say about us:

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