Clariter’s unique technology

Meet Clariter’s revolutionary chemical upcycling technology that ends the life of plastic by transforming it into new green products.

Clariter’s patented process transforms the majority of plastic waste types into 3 high-value high-quality pure industrial product families: solvents, oils, and waxes. One Clariter plant transforms 60,000 tons of plastic waste feedstock into 50,000 tons of products – a highly efficient ~85% yield.

ClariProducts replace fossil-based products in more than 1,000 industrial and consumer applications.

Clariter’s 3-stage upcycling process

1. Thermal cracking

Converting plastic waste into a range of liquid hydrocarbons. This stage also creates gas that we channel back into the process as energy – reducing emissions and saving electricity!

2. Hydro-refining

Removing impurities, making our products pure and odorless.

3. Distillation and unification

Creating a range of waxes, oils, and solvents.


We upcycle most types of plastic

Clariter’s process can handle most plastic types coming from all waste streams, requiring relatively simple feedstock preparation.

As chemical recyclers, we complement mechanical recyclers. Clariter’s technology can handle mixed plastic types and mixed colors – even the problematic and hardest to recycle, including ocean plastic waste.

Delivering value

Clariter’s technology is covered by 6 patents and is market-ready, scalable, and profitable. Compared to other recycling technologies, it has an ~85% yield, can handle a wide range of waste types, and creates the highest-value products – a winning combination of sustainability, efficiency, and profitability that unlocks the value of the circular economy.

Governments continue setting ambitious environmental goals and regulations. Industries strengthen their commitment to increased sustainability. Clariter’s technology is ready to support these efforts – one step ahead of all the others.

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