High-quality green alternatives to petrochemicals

Our patented technology transforms plastic waste into high-value waxes, oils, and solvents that are an alternative to fossil-based products. Free from sulfur, double-bonds, aromatics, color, and impurities, they can be used for endless industrial and consumer applications.


Our non-aromatic aliphatic solvent family
Solventra can be used to make consumer products such as cleaning products and cosmetics, and industrial products such as paint and inks.


Our snow-white paraffin wax family
Clariwax can be used to make products such as car and floor wax, shoe polish, candles, crayons, and more.


Our white mineral oil family
Oilter can be used to make baby oil, wood polish, hair products, lubricants, and more.

Quality. Sustainability. Value.


Free from sulfur, nitrogen, and chlorides; ClariProducts are odorless and colorless.

High quality

ClariProducts perform flawlessly in tests, meet high industry and FDA purity standards, and are food-contact-grade.


ClariProducts are perfect alternatives to fossil-based products.

Perfect replacements

Do not require manufacturers to change their production lines when switching away from fossil-based petrochemicals and, being 100% recycled, mitigate the impact of crude oil price volatility.

Can be used in over 1,000 industrial and consumer applications

Made with Clariter™ – your green signature

Clariter enables manufacturers to make a positive change and go greener.

By using ClariProducts in their products, they decrease their carbon footprint and increase their recycled content.

ClariProducts are high-quality and high-value – meeting the highest industry and having equal or superior quality to fossil-based petrochemicals.

Setting new standards of quality, sustainability, and positive long-term impact, ClariProducts are petrochemicals without the petro.

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