Clariter News Release, December 15, 2020, at 09:00 am CET

Clariter, an international clean-tech company, has announced that it collaborated with MFPE, a French leather and wood care manufacturer, to produce a range of sustainable consumer products upcycled from plastic waste. Together, they delivered global first products for leather, wood, and car care, that proactively clean the planet.

Clariter has a breakthrough solution for the plastic waste epidemic. Their innovative technology transforms unwanted plastic waste into high-value, pure industrial products: oils, waxes, and solvents. These will serve MFPE, a French manufacturer of solvent and wax-based products, as alternative, crude-oil free ingredients. MFPE produces various types of products, mainly for leather (polishes, creams, balms, milk, greases, and waterproofing) and wood care (waxes, oils, restorers, and varnishes), both as a private label manufacturer for distributors and as a sub-contractor for well-known, large brands. MFPE’s customers include, Decathlon, PPG, Blanchon Syntilor, Orapi, Harris Briochin Chatelaine, and others.

The collaboration between Clariter and MFPE places the production of pure, fossil-fuel alternative products in a new light. Unlike the majority of the recycling industry which focuses on recycling plastics mechanically, Clariter recycles chemically. They furthermore do not recycle plastic into new plastics or fuels, nor do they produce energy. They upcycle plastic into ready-to-use industrial products. Instead of prolonging the life of plastic, Clariter’s technology simply ends it. The company’s patented 3-step chemical process results in the upcycling of plastic waste into sulphur-free, odourless, and pure industrial products: aliphatic solvents, white mineral oil, and paraffinic snow-white waxes. The footprint of Clariter’s products is net carbon negative and preferable to landfill, incineration and other pyrolysisbased solutions.

The initial co-operation between Clariter and MFPE (dating from July 2019) was aimed at testing and creating product samples. Clariter supplied the French company with volumes of each of their products: oils, waxes and solvents, and this resulted in outstandingly positive feedback.

Jean-Philippe Chabanol, MFPE CEO, said: “For years, I’ve been looking for a way to manufacture 100% sustainable products. However, in this sector, it is challenging to find the right quality. Replacing crude-based products with natural ingredients only, such as plant-based or beeswax, doesn’t always meet the right performance. Clariter products have certainly met our expectations. By partnering with Clariter, we can finally make high-quality products and at the same time contribute to cleaning of plastic waste from our planet.”

Yariv Eldar, Clariter VP Business Development, said: “The entry into a new market with an innovative technology always requires visionaries. We are glad to have found one in MFPE and its CEO, JeanPhilippe Chabanol. They are a great partner, who, by manufacturing several hundred consumer product items from a variety of our products, have helped us prove that sustainability can go hand in hand with high quality.”

Clariter is proposing an innovative business model that paves the way for Circular Economy. Plastic waste can be transformed into products with many applications, such as candles, degreasers, surf or car wax. We are witnessing a real paradigm shift in the industry. The revolution in how the world treats plastic waste has begun.

Clariter works with REYL & Cie as financial advisor.

About MFPE
MFPE (Manufacture France Produits d’Entretien), based in the heart of the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region for over a century, has a high-performance industrial unit dedicated to on-demand co-design, manufacturing and packaging of most aqueous or solvent-based wax products. The company, which belongs to and is run by the Chabanol family for the past four generations, manufactures all types of products, mainly for leather and wood care, as a private label manufacturer for distributors and as a sub-contractor for major international brands. The 5th generation of the Chabanol family is now creating a production unit dedicated exclusively to the formulation and manufacture of products based on Clariter raw materials and natural or ecologically-responsible origins. For more information visit

About Clariter
Clariter has created a revolutionary chemical recycling (upcycling) process that provides a large-scale solution for the worlds’ plastic waste problem. The technology accepts the majority of plastic waste streams, and not only helps to clean the planet effectively but also creates a strongly profitable business opportunity. Rather than recycling plastic waste into intermediates which require further processing, Clariter transforms it into 3 industrial, ready-to-use product families: oils, waxes, and solvents. These pure fossil-fuel alternatives are used as ingredients to make over 1000 clean, everyday end- and consumer products. The footprint of Clariter’s process is net carbon negative and preferable to landfill, incineration and other pyrolysis-based solutions. Their technology is proven through an operational Pilot Plant in Gliwice, Poland, and a Demonstration Plant in East London, South Africa. Their offices are based in Israel, Poland, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands. Without compromise on profitability or sustainability – Clariter unlocks the value of the Circular Economy. For more information visit

Media Contact
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