Clariter secures strategic raw material feedstock supply for future Polish plant with Makpol Recykling

Luxembourg and Lubliniec, Poland, February 19th, 2024
Clariter, a global cleantech pioneer, and Makpol Recykling, a leading Polish recycler of plastic waste, today announced the signing of a landmark strategic raw material supply agreement. Under the agreement, Makpol will supply up to 75,000 tons of processed plastic waste raw material feedstock annually to Clariter’s future Poland facility. The parties also agreed to jointly develop an advanced plastic waste treatment facility in Poland, encompassing a common commitment to environmental stewardship and local circular economy initiatives.

The signing of the raw material supply contract positions Makpol Recyckling as one of Clariter’s key partners in this project.

Clariter, with its breakthrough chemical recycling technology transforming plastic waste into products such as aliphatic solvents, white oils and paraffinic waxes, for use in a multitude of industrial and consumer applications, is aiming to develop several full-scale plastic waste recycling plants. One of the first locations for Clariter’s global roll-out is Poland, where the company’s technology was first born and where it currently operates its Global R&D Center and Pilot Plant.

With this securing of its full feedstock supply requirements, Clariter has achieved another major milestone in the development of its Poland facility, alongside the securing of a global €1.5 billion offtake agreement with Count Energy Trading announced in late 2022. In addition, Clariter has successfully identified the intended site for the plant, with FEED stage engineering work expected to commence shortly. Furthermore, the company is currently in the process of obtaining the required permits to commence construction, which is planned for the latter half of 2025.

Clariter’s Chief Commercial Officer, Yariv Eldar, expressed enthusiasm about this important milestone, stating:
“We are thrilled to mark a pivotal moment in Clariter’s global roll-out, confirming Makpol Recykling as the anchor raw material supplier for our project in Poland. This exciting partnership signifies not just growth but a shared vision of excellence in chemical recycling. Together, we are poised to redefine industry standards, blending our collective expertise to drive impactful, sustainable change, pioneering a circular future one innovative step at a time”.

Makpol Recykling’s, Chairman of the Board Robert Kościelniak, added:
“We are proud to have signed a collaboration agreement with Clariter. This mutually beneficial partnership will leverage our combined expertise and resources, driving innovation and growth within the recycling sector”.


About Clariter
Clariter is a global cleantech group that has developed a chemical recycling process that provides a solution to the plastic waste epidemic. This proprietary, efficient technology transforms plastic waste into high-quality, high-value products: oils, waxes, and solvents that replace fossil-based products. Clariter offers a commercially attractive combination of profitability and sustainability.
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About Makpol Recykling
Makpol Recykling Sp. z o. o is a leading producer of alternative fuels in Poland and the author of numerous patents in the field of recycling. Its technology park and experienced staff enable the company to implement proprietary solutions for new technologies.
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