Clariter and Dutch impact investor Infinity Recycling are pleased to announce Infinity’s Circular Plastics Fund’s strategic investment in the further development of Clariter’s commercial plants. With this investment, Infinity joins a number of organizations that have invested in Clariter over the last year, highlighting strong investor confidence in Clariter’s breakthrough chemical upcycling technology.  

Increased consumer environmental awareness has also increased the momentum of circular economy innovators like Clariter, whose breakthrough chemical recycling technology can upcycle a wide range of plastics. 

Clariter provides a new, profitable alternative for traditional plastic waste. The company’s proprietary technology transforms most plastic waste streams into high-quality, high-value products that can be used as inputs into over 1,000 sustainable industrial and consumer products. 

With its profitable, net-carbon-negative and resource-efficient plastic-to-products solution, Clariter stands out in its field with the potential to become a powerful solution to the world’s plastic waste problem. 

Infinity Recycling’s Circular Plastics Fund aims to support businesses scaling up their proven, advanced recycling technologies, making Clariter an ideal partner.  

Common goals unite the two companies: to connect the value chain, prove the complementarity of mechanical and advanced recycling, and finally tackle the global plastic waste crisis. 

Clariter’s Founder and CEO, Ran J. Sharon, said: “Clariter is on the cusp of a new phase in its evolution, with its impending global rollout and rapid growth. We have spent 19 years perfecting our technology to create a viable solution to plastic waste – creating high- quality, high-value products from most types of plastic waste using a highly efficient process with minimal waste and emissions. Having achieved a mature and market-ready technology, it is the perfect time to partner with expansion-oriented impact investors like Infinity. This investment will accelerate our growth, bringing us faster towards a sustainable future for us all.” 

Jan Willem Muller, Infinity’s Managing Partner added: “Having followed Clariter’s evolution over the last few years, we are delighted to see the strides the company has made in developing its business, as well as their ESG focus, which we are eager to help Clariter mature in line with the sustainability principles that underpin the Circular Plastics Fund. Infinity is pleased to be able to step in as an investor and support the scaling up of a technology that differentiates itself in the plastics recycling industry by making end-products that can be directly used in consumer products manufacturing, reducing the market’s dependency on fossil feedstock.”

The investment was made under Article 9 of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), which improves the transparency in the market for sustainable investment products and mitigates the risk of greenwashing. 

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