MIAMI, Florida and LUXEMBOURG, February 13th , 2023 – CNW, a leading international logistics company, and Clariter, a global cleantech pioneer, announced today a ground-breaking investment and collaboration to drive sustainable plastic waste solutions and contribute to the circular economy by upcycling plastic waste into new green petrochemical products for industrial use.

CNW has already started a pilot scheme to send waste plastic from their packaging materials to Clariter, who then recycle it to make high quality materials including solvents, oils and waxes.

CNW will continue to invest in the growth of Clariter’s innovative plastic-to-products solution as well as exploring a range of initiatives aimed at providing CNW customers with sustainable solutions that reduce the consumption of fossil-based products.

Elazar Grinstein, President of CNW, said: “This partnership will allow us to look at the best way to make sure that tons of hard plastic waste remain out of landfills and can be repurposed by Clariter to make high-value consumer products that can be used every day. This is not just about recycling, but upcycling and making sure the circular economy not only keeps plastics out of the ocean and the landfill equation but repurposes it for something better. We have already started a pilot scheme to do just that, and we are very excited about how much we can accomplish together.”

CNW, a global logistics, supply chain, operations specialist and machine down expert provides the most efficient solutions for time-critical shipping needs, and now joins Clariter’s range of strategic partners. CNW’s investment is another milestone in the strong momentum Clariter is enjoying – over the past year attracting the trust and support of a number of significant players across different industries.

“We announce this collaboration with great excitement”, said Ran J. Sharon, CEO and Founder of Clariter. “Our cooperation with CNW brings new opportunities for the shipping and logistics sector and their entire eco-system. Together we will push the limits of circularity and lead the shipping sector towards a greener path”.

This collaboration reflects Clariter’s leadership in the global drive towards a sustainable solution to the global problems of plastic waste and dependency on crude oil, while bolstering CNW’s conscious mission to promote a cleaner environment for all. It will also bring enhanced ESG focus and increased innovation to the courier sector.

Together with CNW, Clariter will amplify the scale-up of recycling of plastic packaging widely used in the shipping sector. The parties’ joint efforts will provide CNW customers with innovative and sustainable solutions that reduce the consumption of fossil fuel-based products.

About Clariter
Clariter is a global cleantech company that has developed a chemical recycling process that provides a solution to the plastic waste epidemic. This proprietary, efficient technology transforms plastic waste into high-quality, high-value products: oils, waxes, and solvents that replace fossil-based products. Clariter offers a commercially attractive combination of profitability and sustainability.
For further details, please visit, or contact Clariter’s Junior Public Relations Manager, Barbara Ciesielska, at:

About CNW
CNW Courier NetWork is an international time critical courier services provider, partnering with industries reliant on urgent and critical logistics. For more than 35 years, CNW has continued its expansion to cater to the needs and expectations of a growing industry. With a history of excellence in global logistics and a steadily growing office network, CNW makes it conveniently possible for the Automotive, Aerospace and Semiconductor industries to meet shipment deadlines no matter where their sites are located in the world.

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